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ERD Diagram for Job Seeker Company with Visio file free download

Database Requirements

A job seeker is interested in finding what jobs they are currently qualified for, and what further qualifications they would need to qualify for jobs and careers they are interested in for the future.

An employer is interested in finding the qualified new staff to fill current job vacancies, and possibly to become long term employees.

A course provider is interested in providing courses such that graduates have job and career opportunities.

A job broker (human and/or software agent) is interested in providing a matching and feedback service among job seekers, employers, and course providers.

A job seeker wants to know 
  1. Which jobs are available in Project Management?
  2. What qualifications are necessary to be a Business Analyst?
  3. What skills are necessary to be a Developer?
  4. What experience is necessary to be a Project Manager?
  5. What courses are available from Australian universities?
  6. Who are potential employers?

An employer wants to know
  1. What job vacancies do they require filling?
  2. What qualifications do they require?
  3. What skills do they require?
  4. Where do the best-qualified graduates come from?

A course provider wants to know 
  1. What courses should they provide?
  2. What careers do these courses qualify graduates for?
  3. Who are the employers who will take their graduates?
  4. What countries do their students come from?

ERD Diagram

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