[SOLVED] CSCI 321 Lab 1

CSCI 321 Lab 1

Task #1

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word document to do the assignment. 
  2. Save the document as, Lab1 
  3. Type your name, course/class section, and date at the top of the document. 
  4. Type the title as, GENERIC STRATEGIES. 
  5. Research the Internet to name (4) companies that demonstrate Porter’s generic strategies, demonstrating the relationship among strategies (cost leadership versus differentiation) and market segmentation (broad versus focused). Indicate the business strategy for each company. DO NOT research the businesses mentioned in the textbook or the one from the sample below. DO NOT copy and paste text. 

Task #2

In the same document, continue the assignment. 

  1. Type the title as shown in the display below. 
  2. Type each statement as shown followed by the business processes. 
  3. Refer to Chapter 2 for reengineering references. 

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