[SOLVED] Java basic concepts

The Instant Lottery Program requires the generation of Random Numbers.
For example: n = (int) (Math.random() * (b –a + 1)) + a;

What is the operation performed by (int) called?
What are the values for a and b in the lottery problem?
Math.random() returns a double number in what range?

Declaring and assigning

Declare an integer variable named aNumber.
Assign it the value 107.
Make it a named integer constant.
Declare a decimal number of type double.
Assign the result of A_NUMBER / 3 in a way that keeps the fractional part.

Give an example of a count loop and an event loop that you used in your programming assignments. Which type was used in the Instant Lottery Program? How? Why?

Draw the top-down design of the Instant Lottery Program. Remember to show how each method relates to the overall solution. Describe the purpose of a driver and a stub used in testing your top-down design.

How does Java handle responding to a button press? What are the basic steps to follow? What is an Event and what is an Event Handler.

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