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Highest GPA Calculator Using Stack and File Handling in C++

Highest GPA Calculator


We want to write a C++ program that reads a data file consisting of each student’s GPA followed by the student’s name. The program then prints the highest GPA and the names of all of the students who received that GPA. The program scans the input file only once. Moreover, we assume that there is a maximum of 100 students in the class. Use a stack to write your code. Here is an example of the input/output operations.


The program reads an input file consisting of each student’s GPA, followed by the
student’s name. Sample data is:
3.5 Bill
3.6 John
2.7 Lisa
3.9 Kathy
3.4 Jason
3.9 David
3.4 Jack


The highest GPA and all of the names associated with the highest GPA. For example,
for the above data, the highest GPA is 3.9, and the students with that GPA are Kathy and David.

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