INST2005 Database Systems | Assessed Design Exercise 2017

Database Systems

Some friends of yours are hoping to set up a data driven website to support their home business selling second-hand children clothes, and have asked for your advice on the database design side. They need a database to list all the available items for customers to purchase, and also want to have a user comments system so that visitors can give feedback on purchased items as well as buy them. They are not database experts, and they have asked you to devise a database model they could use. Their ISP has said they can mount and operate a database on their account if given a set of relational tables, which describe it, so this is ultimately what they want you to produce.

As a minimum, they would like to store the following information about each item of clothing: the kind of garment, colour, size, material, gender (where appropriate), condition, age, and how much it costs, plus feedback once sold, if available. For customers they would want to record name, postal address, email address and date of birth.

They would like to be able query, which customers bought, which item, what items have been sold & their feedback, and what are still available
Customers should be able to perform three actions: search for clothing by various parameters, order items, and give feedback on items bought.

The site will not handle financial transactions per se but will pass data on to a separate transaction site for payment, so you do not have to worry about handling the cash aspects transaction, but the database must be capable of providing a set of data (like a “purchase order”) containing the details of the customer (but not his/her payment information!), the item(s) being purchased, and the cost - a customer may order one or more products at once. It will also need to include the date the order is made. Over time customers should be able to make any number of purchases and comments.

The Requirements

Design and develop an E-R-A model suitable for the project assigned above. Identify all entities, attributes and relationships in the model, and the primary keys for all entities. All data in the model should be normalised to 3NF, with the normalisation process demonstrated in full. You should document any and all assumptions you may make, and provide reflective design notes.

What you'll get:

1. An accurate and properly notated E-R-A diagram of your model. A hand-drawn diagram is entirely adequate, but should be drawn neatly and scanned for electronic submission. You may break your model down onto several sheets for clarity if you so wish.
2. A set of design notes of no more than 1000 words detailing any assumptions you have made and commenting on your design decisions and the design development process (e.g. what issues did you have to resolve, how did you resolve them and why, what happened in.

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