Geometer y and pricing inheritance program in C++ complete source code

A class is a programmer-defined data type that describes what an object of the class will look like when it is created. It consists of a set of variables and a set of functions. A class is repository of functions that any main program may use. In this project you will create two classes and two main drivers to test the classes.

Part I

Part I will produce 2 files.
Geometry.h file is the Geometry class with its members and functions.
main cpp file tests all the code in the Geometry class.
The textbook examples place the class code in the same file as the main function, but your code will be more re-usable if the class is defined in a separate file – Geometry.h . The header file will need to be included in the program as you did in the Airline Problem and the array.h file. The final version of the Geometry class (Geometry.h) will include:

Three constructors: 

Constructor 1 – receives 2 integer values for length and width. (rectangle) Calls checkNum to validate each value. Assigns values to length and width.

Constructor 2 – receives 1 integer value for side. (cube) Calls checkNum to validate the value. Assigns value to side.

Constructor 3 – default constructor.

Private members: length width side

Private function: checkNum - This function receives an int and checks to see if the value is less than or equal to zero. If the value is less than or equal to zero, display an error message and exit the program.


A landscaping company needs a program to cost out sodding and fencing for an area, given the length and width in feet. Sod is 47 cents a square foot and fencing is $22.50 a foot.

Part II will produce 2 files. 

Pricing.h file is the Pricing class (derived from the Geometry class - the parent class) with its members and functions. main cpp file uses the code in the Pricing/Geometry classes.

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