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UML diagram of Lottery Lunch according to the case study


UNEP would like an application that Will enable them to conduct weekly- lunch lotteries. To participate In the lottetY, staff members have the option to register through an online platform, providing Information such as their name. email address and current duty station. Staff members are only (required to register once and then If they would like to opt-out of the lottery they should have a· means to do so. Every week participants in the lottery will be assigned to have lunch with random colleagues who arc located In the same duty station. They will be rolled off their lunch-h partners and the venue of their lunch through email notifications. The groups can consist of between 2 to 4 participants.


Create an Entity Relationship Diagram for the development of the Lunch lottery application. Ensure you have provided ln depth of any relationships and characteristics of the fields and tables. .

Hassnain Jamil

Hassnain Jamil

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