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Command Line Arguments ~ String, Numeric Vaues and Employee Object ~ Java Test

Write a Java command line program that takes a list of arguments as follows:
operator arg1 arg2 arg3 ... argx argN can be of the form:
  1. abcd (a String)
  2. 123 (an int)
  3. 123.33 (a double)
  4. employee(John,Smith,33000) (an Employee)

Employee can be defined by a class with firstName (String), lastName (String), and salary (double)
properties operator is one of the following: opAdd, opConcatenate, opSortAsc

  • opAdd: add numbers. Adds any argument that is numeric. Ignores non-numeric arguments.
  • opConcatenate: concatenate strings. Concatenates any argument that is a string or numeric. Ignores employee arguments.
  • opSortAsc: sort numbers and strings in ascending order. If an employee is encountered, use its lastName.
Your solution should take into consideration that other operators might be added in the future. Your code should change as little as possible in order to accommodate this requirement.

Your program should demonstrate your understanding of the following concepts:
  • Object and classes
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Polymorphism
  • Collections
  • Exception Handling
  • Text input and String parsing
Feel free to add any comments / documentation that would help explain your reasoning.

Please make sure to provide a ZIP file including your Java Project along with the source code. The Java project should be ready to be imported into eclipse and it should compile successfully.
Hassnain Jamil

Hassnain Jamil

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