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Java Programming Basic Tasks LoopsComputer, Input Analyzer and StringMainpulator

Task01: Problem E6.1 a,b,c,d from the Book (not e).  Create a class called LoopsComputer.  Use the following method names for each part.  A) computeEvenSum(), B) computeSquareSum(), C) printPowers(), D) oddSum().   For part d, you will use two input parameters “a” and “b” as ints.  Each method should print your answer.  (All these methods should have a return type of void).

Task02: Problem E6.2 a,b,c,d from the Book.  Create a class called InputAnalyzer.  Use the following method names for each part of the problem.  A)  findSmallLarge(), B) countEvenOdd(), C) cumulativeTotal(), D) findAdjDuplicates().  Each method should create a scanner and ask the user for input.  You should continue to read input while the user enters integers.  (i.e. if the user enters “Q”, then you should exit your loop.  The hasNextInt()method from the Scanner class returns true if the user enters an int, and false otherwise.  You can use the return value from this method as your loop condition).  A single prompt will work in this case as well.  Ask the user for a list of numbers, and then process them accordingly in each loop.

Task03: Problem E6.3 a,b,c,d,e from the Book.  Create a class called StringManipulator.  Create a single instance variable of type String for this class called  line.  (Because it will store a line of text).  Create a constructor for this class that accepts a single parameter as a String, and initializes the instance variable line to this parameter.  In your main method of your tester class you will prompt the user for a line of text  as a String (you can use the nextLine() method from the Scanner class), and use this String to construct a new StringManipulator object.  Then you will call your methods.  Use the following method names for each part of the problem.  A) printUpper(), B) printEveryOther(), C) vowelsToUnderscore(), D) printVowelCount(), E) printVowelPositions().  These methods should each print the solution to each part of the problem, using the instance variable line for the calculations.

Task04: Take a screen-shot(s) of your final output, which should show output for Task01, Task02, and Task03.

Hassnain Jamil

Hassnain Jamil

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