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Circle Class - Area, Diameter, Circumference, Radius Implementation in C++ - HJ Soft

Project Specifications 

Write a C++ program that will use a class called Circle that has the following member variables: radius: a float pi: a float initialized with the value 3.14159. The class should have the following member functions: constructor - sets the radius value = 0.0. setRadius - a mutator function for the radius variable. getRadius - an accessor function for the radius variable. getArea - returns the area of a circle, which is calculated as: area = pi * radius * radius getDiameter - returns the diameter of a circle, which is calculated as: diameter = radius * 2 getCircumference - returns the circumference of the circle, which is calculated as circumference = 2 * pi * radius Write a program that demonstrates the Circle class by asking the user for the circle's radius, creating a Circle object, and then reporting the circle's area, diameter, and circumference with 2 decimal places each.

Output Screenshot

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Hassnain Jamil

Hassnain Jamil

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