Assignment 4 – Priority Queue Implementation in C++ with full source code


Implement a priority queue capable of determining what order a list of people should be served given a numeric value. The highest priority should be given to persons with larger values (ordered largest to smallest). The priority queue should be written using a C++ class, named PQueue, and the queue itself should be implemented as a linked list similar to how we implemented queues/stacks in
lecture. The following classes should be defined by your program:

class Person : Used to store information about each person
class PQueue : Priority queue used to serve people
The following public functions need to be implemented:
Person::Person( int, string ) : Initialize the person
PQueue::PQueue( void ) : Initialize the priority queue
bool PQueue::empty( void ) : Test whether queue is empty
int PQueue::size( void ) : Return size
Person* PQueue::front( void ) : Access next node
Person* PQueue::back( void ) : Access last node
void PQueue::enqueue( Person* ) : Insert node
void PQueue::dequeue( void ) : Remove node
** Do not change names, as it will interfere with grading.
Like your other programs, it will need to read information from a file. The file will be
structure as follows:

int string
It will contain n lines with each line consisting of an integer followed by one space
followed by a string. The integer will designate the priority assigned to the
particular person and the string will designate that person’s name.


$ cat sample.txt
967 Lawrence
17 Cliff
17 Eldon
227 Megan
$ g++ pqueue_solution.cpp
$ ./a.out
Serving Lawrence...
Serving Megan...
Serving Cliff...
Serving Eldon...

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