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ERD of Park Inventory System with Visio file free download

Basic Requirements

The company has 8 parks.

Each park has inventory that needs to record. These include workshop, storages, reception area, manager’s residence, cabin types, main structure. The main structure will include inventory for areas such as pool, the number of cabins, camp kitchen, laundry room and recreational room. Each park has different cabin types and each cabin has different rooms within the cabin that inventory needs to be an encounter for the e.g. kitchen, bedroom, lounge area, bathroom. The rooms would consist of furniture, white goods, towels, linens and curtains that need to record in detail include maker, serial number, colour, date of purchase and other suitable attributes. Managers residences would have a lounge area, main bedroom, second bedroom, spare room, kitchen and bathroom/laundry room take inventory needs to be accounted for. Inventory from one cabin can be moved into another cabin.
Inventory can also be moved from one park to another park at the owner’s discretion. This will need to be approved by the owners. Inventory can be written off by the managers, however, comments section need to fulfilled and the park owners need to be aware when inventory is written off presumably via email and approving the written off goods. The workshop would consist of goods such as a lawnmower, drill and other hardware products. Written off table need to include the attribute such as; where the goods were original, cost, date of purchase, reason, the total cost of goods written off and any other applicable attributes.

The requirement:

Inventory is up to date at all time
The inventory records should include the person credentials and time and date stamp
When a report is generated it should be providing a detail report for the whole park. Individual reports can also be generated room by room if required. Any product that needs to be written off must be approved. Ideally the owners would like an email sent to them with an explanation as why the goods are written off. They can accept it or decline it. When inventory is moved from one park to another park the system needs to send an email to the owners and also automatically update the inventory level for both parks. Once the ERD is completed, will create the database on SQL application and the forms will be via web pages are the parks are located countryside.

EDR Diagram

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