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Computer Networks and Systems: Queuing Theory and Performance by Evaluation by T. G. Robertazzi [PDF] free download

About the author

Jochen Schiller is head of the working group Computer Systems & Telematics at the Institute of Computer Science, FU Berlin, Germany. He received his MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1993 and 1996, respectively. As a postdoc he joined Uppsala University, Sweden, and worked in several industry co-operations and European projects. Since April 2001 he has been a full professor at FU Berlin. The focus of his research is on mobile and wireless communications, communication architectures and operating systems for embedded devices, and quality of service aspects in communication systems. He is a member of IEEE and GI and acts as consultant for several companies in the networking and communication business.

Mobile Communication e-book

the book points out common properties of different technical solutions and shows the integration of services and applications well-known from fixed networks into networks supporting mobility of end systems and wireless access. If the reader is interested in more detailed information regarding a certain topic, he or she will find many pointers to research publications or related websites. Teachers will find this book useful for a course that follows a general data communication or computer networking class. The book can also replace parts of more general courses if it is used together with other books covering fixed networks or aspects of high-speed networks. It should be straightforward to teach a mobile networking class using this book together with the course material provided online via the following link:

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