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How to use Pro User Features during Trail Version in GameSalad

In this post, I will show you how to use pro features of GameSalad during your free Trails Version of GameSalad. This is a wonderful platform, by using it you can develop any type of 2-D (two-dimensional) games using drag and drop facility for different platforms like Windows, IOS (I-Phones), Android and many other famous operating systems. Millions of games have been developed using this tool and got top ranking by Google. These games are now earning millions of Dollars $$$.

Now come to the point, how to crack GameSalad  to use all the pro features of your trail version. This is very simple just follow the following step to get pro features.

Type GameSalad into you Search Box and click on GameSalad Creator as shown in blow fig.

After Opening it click on the Sing In button at the top right side of your display screen as shown blow.

After clicking on Sing In Button a new window will open enter your email address and password for authentication and click on Login button.

Now click on the File Tab at the very left side of the display screen and select new project. If you are working on a project save its data and move forward as shown in fig.

A new window will open. Enter name of your project and select the platform (Windows, Android, IOS etc.) for which you want to develop a Game and click on Create Project Button as shown in fig.

After creating your project go Behaviors Tab under Library Bar at the end of the menu list you will find Custom folder. This folder is for Pro Users of GameSalad. If you are using Trail Version you will see nothing in that folder as shown in fig.

Now Save (or press Ctrl+S) your project as Game as shown in fig.

Please click here to download the Pro Features of GameSalad and read more how to integrate them with your project file.

After downloading you will see a GameSalad Pro Features.Zip file. Extract the file and go the behavior folder. Copy all the behaviors as shown blow.

Now open your Saved Project folder and paste all the files in their Behavior folder. Now run your GameSalad by clicking on your game file as shown blow.

We are done. Just for verification. Go to the Behavior Tab under Library Bar, at the end of the menu list, you will find Pro Features in your Custom Folder as shown blow.

You are ready to enjoy your pro features using trail version of GameSalad and make your project attractive by using them. That was only for knowledge. Please purchase Pro version officially to support organization and developers.

If you have any question please comment or email me at Join this site for more interesting tricks (Joining Tab given blow at the end of this page). Share this knowledge with your friends and thanks for reading a post. 

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