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Student Registration System Web Project using HTML, CSS & PHP

Student Registry System

In this task, you’re to further develop the student registry you started on lab-task. The solution is based the on the use of HTML5, stylesheets, and PHP, and will use a database for storage of information, MySQL on (school website) is used for this. Information of students is saved in the table student, ID is primary key and is set

In addition to this, you need a table named class where id a is the primary key and is set up with AUTOINCREMENT, other columns and data types in accordance with the figure. The property class in the student table needs to be a foreign key that refers to the ID column in the class table. In MySQL you need to use tables of the type INNODB with support for foreign keys, reference integrity shall remain.

The task:
Write a class with the name StudentRegister (means Student registry), the class should use PDO and only prepared statements/questions. The class shall implement the interface StudentInterface, and use the two classes, Student, and Class. These are enclosed, and also some start code for StudentRegister (means Student registry) and a driver program called StudentRegister.php (Student registry.php)

1. Make a web-based student registry with the main page that shows all students sorted the by the last name
2. It shall be possible to change the information of a student included which class he attends.
3. It shall be possible to register a new student and pick a class for this new student.
4. Use object-based principles on the PHP coding.
5. Validate documents and style sheets on

HTML and CSS3:
The solution should use some new elements and properties of HTML5 and CSS3,

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