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Banking application in Java with source code for Learners

Banking System

Your assignment is to create a file called containing a class BankAccount (there is no main method in this class). A BankAccount has an initial balance type double and an id type String. You also should have a static variable to keep track of the number of accounts.
The class BankAccount must include the following constructors and methods. (If your class does not contain any of the following methods, points will be deducted.)

Methods & Constructors Description

public BankAccount( ): Default constructor, sets the id to "???" and balance to 0.0;

public BankAccount (String initID, double initBalance): Constructs a BankAccount by setting the id to initilID, and balance to initBalance. Increment the count to keep track of the number of accounts created.

public BankAccount (String customerInfo): Constructs a BankAccount object using the string containing customer's info. You need to extract the bankaccount id and the initial balance. An example of the input string is: Gate789:40000. The character colon separates the id from balance (use class String) Increment the count to keep track of number of accounts created.

public String getID( ): Returns this account's unique identifier

public double getBalance( ): Returns this account's current balance

public void setID( String name): Sets the id

public void deposit (double depositAmount): Credit this account by depositAmount , if deposit amount is negative the balance will not change.

public boolean withdraw(double withdrawAmount ): Debit this account by withdrawAmount if it is positive and also not greater than this account's current balance. It returns true if 0 <withdrawAmount <=the balance, false otherwise

public void addInterest( ): Adds 1.5 percent interest to the account if the account balance is less than or equal to $5000.00 and 2.5 percent if the account balance is greater than $5000.00.

public boolean equals(BankAccount otherAccount): checks for ID and returns true if this BankAccount has the same ID as the otherAccount public static int getCount() Returns the total number of accounts

public String toString( ): Returns a String with information on the calling BankAccount using the following format: (make sure to print the balances with currency Format) ID: Gate789 Balance: $40,000.00 Save the BankAccount class in a file called and use the following program stored in, which has the main method to create a new Bank Account objects

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