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Using Arrays, Strings, & Sorting classes in Java Programming


Define a Java class as described below. All variables should be declared as private and all methods as public. Save the class definition in a file with an appropriate filename.

Class Name: Personnel

Instance Variables: 

Name – String (in the format lastName, firstName – Example: Carter, Lisa)
jobTitle - String
payRate – double

Instance Methods: 

A default constructor. A constructor that accepts three arguments, one for each of the fields. getter methods for each of the class fields. toString() A method to display the fields of an instance of the class in an easy to read format (preferable on one line). Compile and debug the above code.

Class Name: TestPersonnel

Then, create a class, TestPersonnel, that contains a main() with static methods to test and use the above class. Save the class in a file with an appropriate file name.

  • Declare three initialized arrays, one for the Job Code, and two associated arrays for Job Title and the Pay Rates as follows:
  • Declare a Personnel array variable.
  • Call a static method to get user inputs. This method should:
    • prompt user for three inputs – First Name, Last Name and Job Code;
    • search the Job Code array and extract the corresponding Job Title and Pay Rate; (Your program should recognize invalid Job Code entries and prompt the user
    • for a new entry.)
    • instantiate an instance of a Personel object and insert it into the dynamic Personnel array.
    • continue accepting inputs until the user indicates there are no more inputs
  • Call a static method to sort the Personel array on the name field.
  • Call a static method to display the contents of the Personel array using the toString instance method.


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Hassnain Jamil

Hassnain Jamil

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