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Restaurant Management System in Java - Full Project Free Download

System specification


The Pay Per View system allows users to download and view titles. The system starts with a pre-defined set of titles on offer, and two users. A user enters their name, selects a title and downloads it. The user can then view the title once; the download is deleted after viewing. A user starts with $100 and is charged at a rate of $1 per minute. The users are "Marge" and "Homer". The system uses the same titles as Assignment 1. Neither the users nor the titles on offer change, for simplicity.

Graphical interface

The system starts by showing with two windows:
Clicking on a View window list entry "views" that title; it disappears from the list of user titles, and the number of unseen titles in the customer window decreases by one.


Free Download


Hassnain Jamil

Hassnain Jamil

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