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Income Tax Calculator in Java with full source code

Tax Calculator Intro:

The data for the calculation of taxes (income, costs of obtaining in %, the cost of obtaining, advances) with different titles (sources) are given in the text boxes grouped into panels. The last field of each panel (gray) is the unedited text field, which will be given the sum of items. Income fields are also uneditable - their value can be calculated only on the basis of other values of the form.
When You click Calculate - the fields that are not filled are calculated due to the filled fields (if it is possible, if not there are given zeros) and the tax to pay is calculated.
The calculations are as follows:

Tax Calculator Formulas:

  1. if given Costs of obtaining in %, then Costs of obtaining = Income * CO %
  2. Earnings = Income - Costs of obtaining
  3. Tax to pay = 0.15 * Earnings - Advances

It should be ensured that on the text boxes Costs of obtaining in % is opened context menu with options (eg. 0, 20, 50):

Calculator Features:

It should be ensured, that the focus on the Costs of obtaining results in an automatic insertion of the value resulting from the formula CO % * Earnings, and obtaining focus on a Earnings field results in automatic insertion a value from fields Income and Costs of obtaining (with - if neccessary - prior calculation of Costs of obtaining).

It must provide verification of input values to the fields, so that was signaled error (value cannot be converted to a double) using color or border and focus could not leave the wrong field. The best here use interface InputVerifier: but this is not necessary.

It should provide automatic calculation of the line or the entire form, in a situation when the focus leaves a field and the values in this field are changed, provided that they are enabled checkboxes Row and Tax.

It should provide coloring box focus obtained by the text field
  1. editable - frame red-orange
  2. uneditable - frame bluish.
It should provide information about the show, which is to focus on the status bar at the bottom of the window.

Hassnain Jamil

Hassnain Jamil

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