CS 222 Homework Assignment 6 ASCII File I/O


For this assignment, you will perform basic ASCII file Input and Output. Your program will read a series of questions from an input file, present them to the user, get the user's responses to the questions, and write both the questions and the responses to an output file.


You program will begin by prompting the user to enter two filenames. The first filename will be the input file that contains the questions. The second filename will be the output file where the questions and responses will be written. Once the filenames are known, the program will open the two files, one for input and one for output.

Your program will then enter a loop which will read each question from the input file, print the question to the console, and get the user's response to the question from the console. It will then write both the question and response to the output file. Your program will continue to do this until there are no more questions to be read from the input file. It will then close both files and exit.

You may assume that no question in the input file will be longer than 80 characters, and that there will be no user response longer than 80 characters. Your program will handle errors gracefully, such as when the input file doesn't exist, or there is an issue opening the output file. In these cases, you will print an error message to the console and exit the program. Your source code file will follow the standard file naming conventions found in earlier labs (HW6_username.c).

Testing and Submitting:

Test your program on Zeus to make sure it compiles and runs properly in various types of cases. Perform proper error checking. A file containing questions, questions.txt, is included as part of this homework assignment. Use this file for testing.Create a Makefile to compile the program. (Tip: It is usually easier to copy and modify an existing Makefile than creating one from scratch.)Place your source code, the questions.txt file and Makefile in a directory specifically created for Homework 6. This directory name will also follow standard naming conventions. Then create a typescript showing that you are currently logged into zeus, that your program can be compiled using the Makefile, and then perform a run of the program, using output.txt for the name of the output file.Create a tarfile of your directory that contains the typescript, your source code and Makefile, and the input and output files.

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