CallAir case study - SQL queries, SQL reports, ERD

Consider the following requirements:

Your group is responsible for developing a database to support the fundamental data requirements of a customer call center for an established network service provider (includes landline, mobile and internet (broadband) services) - CallAir.  Due to increased competition in the market, CallAir.

Due to increase competition in the market, CallAir is under increasing pressure to remain competitive and to rebuild its waning customer base. In order to do this, CallAir requires a unified view of all its customer data including customer personal information, bill details, marketing preferences, history with the organization providing CallAir with the ability to target customers with the right product/service offers.


The following are the minimum project requirements:

You are required to create a REPORT for CallAir documenting the database design and some preliminary results once the database is developed.

This should include:
1- Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERO). This should include:

  • Primary keys 
  • Foreign keys 
  • Attributes (at least 2) 
  • Relationship cardinality
  • Include any assumptions you make about the problem scenario 

2- Using Oracle (or another RDBMS) and SQL, create the database tables required to support the data storage needs of the database outlined above
  • Populate each table with a minimum of 10 records 

3- Knowing more about CallAir customers and their personal data, preferences, bills, complaints etc. will help the CallAir to identify customers who are at risk of cancelling their CallAir services as well targeting the right customers with new products and services. As part of this report, the team must use SQL (using at least five SQL statements} to provide management with a report highlighting this information.

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